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  • Product Name :

    7-Digit Mechanical Lightning Strike Counter IP65 Protection Level

  • Instruction

    TSTLP® 7 Digits Mechanical Lightning Strike Counter TS-LSC7 with Test Reports (marked with ilac-MRA & CNAS)

    The lightning/surge strikes are detected and monitored by TS-LSC7 Mechanical Lightning Strike Counter (including a high frequency transformer), which is able to give some information about the service necessity of the lightning protection system. By using an inductive record, the counter is able to accurately count all lightning events for a later reference.



    ♦  Technical Data



    Response behaviour of impulse current

    2kA<Detecting Current <220kA (10/350μs), rise time 8-10μs

    Sequence of impulse

    > 1s


    0 ~ 9999999

    Inductive line

    Join Induction

    Power supply (NO battery)

    Passive power supply

    Operating temperature range

    -10 0C ~ +50 0C

    Mounting on

    Screw fixed installation

    Enclosure Material

    Gray thermoplastic, UL94-V0, IP65

    Relative humidity

    ≤ 95% (25 0C)


    CE (LVD, EMC & RoHS)

    Test/Reference Standards

    NF C 17-102:2011 Annex C.3.4.;

    UNE21.186:2011 Paragraph C.3.4.

    IEC 62561-6:2018; IEC 60068-2-75:1997


    1- Manufactured according to IP65 protection level

    2- Non-Resettable

    3- Currents detected from > 2kA to 220kA

    4- Mechanical Strike Counter with 7-digit

    5- Self powered and does not require the use of a battery or any external power source.

    6-  Serial Counter

    7-  Easy Mounting

    ♦  Installation Instruction

    The lightning strike counter will be fixed to the earthing cable by screws.


    ♦  WARNING

    1. The device must be installed by electrically skilled person, conforming to national standards and safety regulations.

    2. It is recommended that installation should be done under power off condition.