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EXCITED News - TSTLP SMT-ESE60 Test Report at ICMET Romania - Europe with ilac-MRA mark

DATE: 2020/11/10

Brand - TSTLP SMT-ESE60 ESE Air Terminal has passed Early Streamer Emission Time Test [ Delta T (ΔT) = 64.9± 4.6%] according to most popular standards French NF C 17-102:2011 Annexe C.3.5 (Spain UNE 21.186:2011 Paragraph C.3.5) @ accredited High-Voltage Lab ICMET CRAIOVA at Romania-Europe, cover page of test report is marked with Romania-RENAR & ilac-MRA ! 

All official complete Test Reports & certificate of TSTLP Early Streamer Emisson Air Terminal are available, cover pages of which are separately marked with CE, CAL, CMA, Romania-RENAR, ENAC & ilac-MRA marks, and ilac-MRA is the most important recognition for international acceptance.

Why choose our TSTLP ESE Lightning Rods ?

 1- ISO 9001:2015 HIGH-Q.M.S Certified Lightning Protection Manufacturer.

 2- Patented ~ unique for promotion & interests protection.

 3- SUCCESSFULLY tested at ACCREDITED High-Voltage Laboratories in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Spain & Romania- Europe for your full satisfaction. Cover pages of our official Test Reports are marked with CECMACALRomania-RENARENAC ilac-MRA (ilac-MRA is the most important recognition for international acceptance).   So taking HIGH-Quality & Competitive Price into consideration, our  brand - TSTLP shall become your great partner in the longterm to compete with international brands.

 4- As far as we're concerned, among all the domestic brands, ONLY TSTLP has passed E.S.E. Time Test according to most popular French NF C 17-102:2011 Annexe C & Spanish UNE 21.186:2011 Paragraph C standards at ilac-MRA accredited HIGH-Voltage laboratories.

 5- TSTLP Early Streamer Emission (ESE) Air Terminal ~ No.1 among all the domestic brands, TOP 10 worldwide !

For products without HIGH-Quality supported by international test reports with ilac-MRA mark,  it'll be tough to compete with brands like France, USA, Spain, Austria & Australia...  NOT ONLY waste MUCH money in marketing BUT ALSO can NOT go far in the long run !

International brand TSTLP for strong lightning protection system @