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NEW Product Arrival - TS-BC25RM (3+N) Type 1 & 2 Surge Protection with CE Compliance

DATE: 2020/09/08

TS-BC25RM (3+N) - Type 1 & 2 Surge Protection Device which is designed according to IEC / EN 61643-11 is for TN-S/TT ( 3+1 circuit) power supply system, CE compliant with following features:

1- Pluggable module for 3-phase TN-S/TT ( 3+1 circuit) system, 1-phase TT/TN system(1+1 Circuit) system
2- High discharge capacity, quick response
3- Double thermal disconnector devices, providing more reliable protection
4- Green windows will change to red when fault and also provide remote alarm control at the same time

Detailed Specification for downloading @

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