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SMT-ESE30 ESE lightning arrester for Project - Novaclinica Sangolqui @ EC, South America

DATE: 2021/10/09

TSTLP Brand SMT-ESE30 Active ESE Lightning Arrester was installed for the Project - Novaclinica Sangolqui protection against lightning strike @ EC, South America.


Why choose TSTLP ESE Lightning Arrester ?

1. Patented & Global Successful Tests at ILAC member ACCREDITED labs, especially labs in Spain & Romania Europe as per NF C 17-102:2011(UNE 21.186:2011) & EN / IEC standards. Cover of Test Reports are marked with ilac-MRAilac-MRA mark for global Trust】  

2. Among all the domestic ESE brands, ONLY TSTLP® has passed E.S.E. Time Test - KEY test to determine Delta T(ΔT) for Radius Protection & Safety as per NF C 17-102:2011(UNE 21.186:2011) Annex C at ILAC member accredited labs.

TSTLP® ESE Lightning Arrester ~ No.1 domestically, ONE of the TOP ESE Lightning Rods worldwide !

3. TSTLP® Lightning Risk Assessment Tool - (EXCEL format) for selecting Protection Levels & appropriate ese air terminal.

4. LONGER warranty.

5. Over Tens of thousands of Sites have been protected by TSTLP® ESE Lightning Arresters.