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TSTLP Early Streamer Emission Air Terminal for Zenith Bank Protection

DATE: 2022/08/03

4 sets #brand TSTLP SMT-ESE40 Early Streamer Emission Air Terminals were just applied for Zenith Bank (licensed as a commercial bank) @ NG in West Africa against lightning attack.

Our Patented & Internationally Certified TSTLP ESE Lightning Arresters are NOT ONLY for banks lightning protection, BUT ALSO can be applied for many other areas like Solar Panels (Solar Plants / Solar Farms), Home, House, Roof , Villas, Building, Tent, Barn, Boat, Container, Antenna Tower, Electrical Fence, High-Voltage Electrical Wires, Telecommunications Centre, Civil / Military Airport, Port, Steel Structure, Factory, School, College, University, Library,  Parks, Parking Lots, Bus / Train Stations, Gas Stations, Shops, Super Market /Mall, Church,  Warehouse, Animal Zoo, Gardens, Places of Interests (Scenic Spots), Golf Course, Communities, Chimney, Orchard, Square, Crane...Open Areas external lightning protection.

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