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TSTLP ESE Lightning Arrester for Solar Panels Protection

DATE: 2023/08/04

Brand TSTLP Early Streamer Emission - ESE Lightning Arrester is applied for one Famous Enterprise Solar System in the world's 3rd High Lightning Area country, Southeast Asia.

TSTLP brand ESE Terminals are FULLY Compliant with standards - French NF C 17-102:2011 Annexe C, UNE 21.816:2011 Anexe C & Portugal NP4426-2. Official Test Reports performed at ILAC Member Accredited Labs from Europe Available.

You're welcome to contact us if any lightning protection for Solar Panels Systems.
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TSTLP has been moved from Chinese products to China Brand - Safer & More Popular in most countries around the world, cheer up !
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