How does TSTLP-ESE work ?

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How TSTLP® Early Streamer Emission (E.S.E.) Lightning rod works ? 

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A: TSTLP® ESE terminal’s lower electrodes gather energy from naturally occurring ambient electrical fields that increase as much as ten thousand volts per meter as the storm approaches.

B: TSTLP® ESE terminals collects the electrical energy and stores in capacitors inside the TSTLP® ESE terminal. Just before a lightning strike the atmospheric electrical field increases rapidly,activating the patented triggering device.

C: TSTLP® ESE terminal’s trigger releases the stored energy in the capacitors through the upper electrodes at the tip of the air terminal and initiates an upward leader at the optimum moment.

D: TSTLP® ESE terminal’s upward leader connects with the downward leader and the result is a lightning strike that directed safely to ground through the air terminal, downleads, and grounding system.