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NEW Product Arrival - TS-385B50RM/4 Type 1 Lightning Current Arrester

DATE: 2018/03/21

Dear Customer(s),

We're glad to launch to below NEW Type 1 Lightning Current Arrester for High Lightning Current/Surge Protection:

  • TS series TS-385B50RM/4 & TS-255B50RM/4 Type 1 lightning current arrester is designed according to GB 18802.1 / IEC 61643-11 for installation at LPZ 0A -1 or higher, protecting low voltage equipment against lightning and surge damages. Applied in SPD Type 1(Class B) or Type 1+II (Class B+C) for various power supply system of lightning current surge protection, specially designed for TN-S system(“4-0” circuit) and installed in floor distribution-box or Class I main distribution box.

Iimp(10/350) :  50 kA

Imax (8/20)   : 200kA

Uc                    : 385Vac / 255Vac

Up                    : 1.8kV

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