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    Early Streamer Emission - ESE Lightning Rod with IOT Connect

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    TSTLP® Early Streamer Emission (ESE) Lightning Rod Equiped with Advanced IOT, Worldwide Connected. 


    Monitor & Maintain TSTLP® ESE lightning Conductor Remotely with advanced

    IOT Technology Worldwide


    1- TSTLP® IOT Connect uses the widely available Quad-Band telecom networks GSM/GPRS/4G/5G...or WIFI , and Subscriptions - FREE for our Valuable Partners/Clients/Customers/Users.

    2- IOT connectivity - Unique serial number, GPS coordinates, Conditions, Number & Date of lightning discharge, Battery Charge, Signal Quality, Humiture etc... are monitored.
    3- Users can generate the Test Report of each ese lightning rod with IOT installed on site showing the latest Battery Level, Lightning Strikes Info & ESE conditions’ Test Results. 

    4-  ALERTS will be sent to users if Low Battery, New Lightning Discharge, Test None-OK ect...

    5-  Thanks to latest IOT technology & our innovation, our system does NOT Require a specific emitter–receiver installation on site, no local network connection, no space on the client servers, no impact on client internet bandwidth... As a PURE solution, the TSTLP® Connect simply and automatically logs on Internet as soon as it’s installed on site.

    6- Site tstlp-connect.com is available on different types of browsers and devices: Desktops, Laptops, IoS and Android Smartphones, Users can access to the list of installed TSTLP® Connect ESE Lightning Arresters with detailed information to monitor and maintain the ESE lightning arrestors.



    Efficiency (Delta T) ΔT


    Standard deviation ESE / Single Rod   σ 

    σESE < 0.4 σPTS

    Lightning current withstanding test     Iimp

    100kA (normative test)

    Max. current withstanding (10/350μs) Iimp(max)

     ≥ 200kA

    Operating principles

    Detection of downward leader

    Continuous measuring of electric field gradient (ΔE/Δt)

    Upward streamer development conditions

    TSTLP®_Smart Technology optimizing the streamer development conditions

    Upward streamer emission

    Sparking by High Voltage Impulses

    Internal circuits

    6 Independent working unit

    Central rod

    Full electrical continuity

    Metal housing

    Superior Stainless Steel


    Free (thanks to TSTLP advanced technology & superior material)

    Warranty (excluding battery)

    5 YEARS / 10 YEARS

    TSTLP® Connect Module Technical Specification

    TSTLP® Connect remote information

    via www.tstlp-connect.com or WeChat Mini Program TSTLP 

    -ESE Lightning Rod Status, Humiture...

    -Lightning Discharge (Times, Date & Time)

    -Battery Level

    -Network/signal quality


    GSM/GPRS Quad-band Compatible (2G/3G/4G/5G...WIFI) available

    Power Supply

    Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery,16A.h - 9.6V

    Battery Charge

    Monocrystalline Glass-coated Solar panel

    Advanced Lightning Strike Counter

    (IEC 62561-6:2018 Compliant)

    Integrated advanced TSTLP® Lightning Strike Counter

    Special contactless counting technology

    Iimp(min) = 1kA

    Iimp(max) = 100kA

    Module / TSTLP® connection

    Fast Connect Technology Plug-in system


    Battery Replacement Kit PY30820230

    (Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery16A.h - 9.6V)

    Operating Temperature range

    -15°C to +55°C

    Relative Humidity

    0% HR to 100% HR

    Max. Operating Altitude

    4000m HASL (Height Above Sea Level)

    Ingress Protection

    IP 54

    Mechanical Specification

    Fixing on pole

    M20 Thread

    Down conductor connection

    Adapter (for connecting ESE to Pole & ESE to Copper Tape/Cable)



    230*230*450 mm box/ESE,  230*230*450 mm box/2pc Modules

    Approx Gross Weight (ESE + Connect Modular & Acc.)

    5.6kg + Connect Modular (4.1kg)

    Environmental sustainability

    100% recyclable

    Certifications & Standards Compliance

    Patent Right


    Test Reports / Certificate No

    Successful General, Mechanical, Environmental, Electrical Withstand Current & E.S.E. Time,Tests & CE Certificate

    No. 45800 / No.2017013F0063 / NoIE-ITE-210430-06/EN

    No. 47136 / No. W13028 / No. WST16030019S

    Test / Reference Standards

    Worldwide Successful Tests (No.1, 2, 3 is ILAC member Accredited Labs)Test Reports with ilac-MRA mark for global Trust & ilac-MRA mark for removing  international (technical) barriers

    ICMET @ Romania with Romania-RENAR & ilac-MRA

    1- LCOE of F2I2 @ Spain with ENAC &  ilac-MRA

    2- ITE with ENAC @ Spain with ENAC &  ilac-MRA

    3- S.G.D.J. @ Shanghai with CAL & CMA

    5- WST @ Shenzhen with CE

    NF C 17-102:2011 Annexe C

    UNE 21.186:2011 Paragraph C


    UNE-EN 62561

    UNE-EN 60068-2-52

    UNE-EN ISO 6988

    IEC 60060-1:2010 Part 1

    IEC 62561-6 Ed 2 2018

    EN / IEC 62305

    EN 60060-1:2010

    GB/T T16927.1-2011 Part 1

    ISO 9001:2015 Q.M.S. Audited Certificate

    No.CN22-24407A(updated every 4 years)

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    The protection radius of TSTLP® ESE Lightning Protection Air Terminal is related to its height (h) relative to the surface to be protected, to its efficiency and to the selected protection level

    TSTLP® Series Early Streamer Emission Air Terminals with IOT Connect

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