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  • Product Name :

    TS-SLC3D Smart Lightning Counter

  • Instruction

    Smart TS-SLC3D advanced lightning counter (7-digit display) is designed for easy mounting on a down conductor (Earthing Line) to effectively count the times of lightning / surge current discharged by ESE lightning arrester or surge arrester, meanwhile it records exact DATE & TIME. And it does NOT require the use of any external power source.

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    ♦ Product Size


    ♦ Technical Data:

    TSTLP  Model


    Power Supply

    3V battery, Type CR123A,Exchangeable

    Min count current

    > 1KA, rise time 8~10μs

    Sequence of impulse

    > 1s

    LCD indicator

    7-digit (0~9999999)


    Recording exact DATE & TIME

    Inductive line

    1m long Twisted-pair

    Service life of battery

    ≥ 2 years (Do NOT pull the Insulated part before use)

    Enclosure material

    Black thermoplastic, UL94-V0


    Mount on 35mm Din rail or inside waterproof box


    2.2 standard module width

    Working temperature

    -10°C ~ +55°C 

    Relative humidity

    ≤95% (25°C) 


    CE(EMC, LVD) & RoHS

    ♦  Main character of the 7 digital lightning flash counter

    ¤  Inductive loop ( feed through with the earthing cable of ESE lightning arrester / surge arrester )

    ¤  Powered by replaceable 3V Lithium battery, 0 96 inches ,128*64 resolution OLED display

    ♦  TS-SLC3D Lightning Flash Counter Installation Instruction:

    1. There is an insulated transparent tape attached to the battery, pull the tape“Battery on PULL” before installation to ensure the power supply works smoothly.

    2. Open the inductive ring and hitch around the earthing wire, then fix the SPD on the 35mm DIN rail. As show in the following installation diagram.

    3. Fault resolution: when the product indicates default,still reset or even no indication, open the bottom enclosure,unplug the internal battery for about 5 minutes and then assemble it back, pay attention to the battery and its holder's positive(+) and negative (-)accordingly. In this condition, it will display and work normally then do the reset(for test).

    ♦  Time direction:

    1)  Normal display: Year/Month/Date, Hour/ Minute/Second & Times.

    2)  On normal display status, press the button "M" to enter into setting mode.

    3)  After entering into the setting mode, press the button "M" to convert to the digit which is to be set, at this time, the digit is flashing, press the button "+" in 3 seconds to clear to zero.

    4)  On normal display status, press the button "-"to enter into history counting mode where date & time record can be checked to view the recent 50 times, press the button "+" to change another display.

    5)  Power-saving mode: on display status, it will enter into power-saving mode if there is no operation in 6 to 10 seconds, press the button "M" to return to normal mode.

    ♦  TS-SLC3D lightning event counter Installation Diagram  for reference only:


    TS-SLC3D lightning event counter should be installed at a position along the down conductor(or PE Line) length where it can be accessed easily for inspection. Typically TS-SLC3D lightning event counter should be installed approximately 2 m from ground level or alternatively within the earth pit at the lower termination point of the down conductor(copper cable).

    When installing TS-SLC3D lightning protection counters the following should be considered:

    • TS-SLC3D  lightning protection counter should be mounted away from areas where damage may occur due to theft,vandalism or nearby operations.

    • TS-SLC3D  lightning protection counter can be enclosed in a security enclosure but the display should be kept visible to allow for the checking of recorded strikes.


    1. The device must be installed by electrically skilled person, conforming to national standards and safety regulations.

    2. It is recommended that installation should be done under power off condition.