• Product Name :

    TS-275M5RM Class D Surge Protector

  • Instruction

    TS Series Class D Surge Protector is designed according to IEC 61643-11 / GB 18802.11 for electronic devices fine protection , Specially designed for TT and TN-S system ("1+1" circuit). Applied in Surge Protector Class D for single-phase various power supply system.

    ♦ Product Size


    ♦ Basic Circuit Diagram


    ♦ Technical Data of TS-275M5RM

    Model Number



    Rated voltage (max. continuous voltage)



    Normal Current



    Nominal discharge current (8/20)


    5 KA(L-N);     5 KA(L+N-PE);       In  : 10KA(total)

    Max. discharge current (8/20)


    10 KA(L-N);   10KA (L+N-PE);   Imax: 20KA(total)

    Voltage protection level


    ≤ 0.95 KV(L-N);  ≤ 1.5 KV(L+N-PE)

    Response time


    ≤ 25ns;        ≤ 100ns(L+N-PE)

    Max. back up fuse


    16A gL/gG

    Operating temperature range



    Relative humidity:


    ≤95% (25°C)

    Cross-sectional area


    0.5mm2 ~ 6mm2 solid / 4mm2 flexible

    Mounting on


    35mm2 DIN rail

    Enclosure material


    Red thermoplastic, UL94-V0



    IEC 61643-11; GB 18802.11

    Type of remote signalling contact


    Break contact

    Switching capacity


    AC:250V/0.5A DC:250V/0.1A,125V/0.2A,75V/0.5A

    Cross-sectional area for remote 

    signalling contact


    Max. 1.5mm2 solid / flexible



    CE (LVD, EMC & RoHS)



    1, (1+1 circuit mode) for TN/TT system

    2, Green light indicates normal and red indicates fault

    3, Single-phase protection and with disconnector

    4, Remote signalling connector for fault indication



    According to lightning protection zones concept, for installation at LPZ 1-2 or higher. This surge protector is usually installed in distribution-box, protecting electronic devices.

    Fuse must be installed at the upstream of the Surge Protector or the lightning arrester to make sure that the protected system has double protection. The value of the fuse used in a Surge Protector system should be conformed to:

    1. The value of FUSE should not be larger than the max. withstand capacity of the Surge Protector's backup fuse value.

    2. Under the status of the max. current in the power supply & close loop circuit available current, the fuse should be able to disconnect when overloaded or short-circuited.

    Take 1 & 2 into consideration, the fuse should be as large as possible to allow the maximum surge discharge of Surge Protector.


    1. Mount the Surge Protector on 35 mm DIN rail.

    2. Connect conductors, the cross-sectional area of cable must be larger than 4mm2 . The withstand voltage value of cable is not smaller than AC500V; ensure wiring reliable.

    3. If need remote alarm, it should be connected signal lines to remote signal terminal 1 and 2 connected.

    4. After above, switch on the power supply and turn on the circuit breaker, if the Surge Protector’s indicator light displays green,this indicates the unit is operating normally.

    Regularly inspect the operating status, especially after lightning. Once the fuse upstream breaks, or the Surge Protector's indicator light displays red, electrician should check/replace the Surge Protector. 




    ♦ WARNING:  

    1. The device must be installed by electrically skilled person, conforming to national standards and safety regulations. 

    2. It is recommended that installation should be done under power off condition.